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I wanted to try Sugaring after seeing a Instagram Post by Mirage Sugaring Studio. They specialize in Sugaring. I decided to contact them to collab to see what Sugaring is all about.

I didn’t realize that there’s so many benefits to sugaring vs. waxing. Mirage Sugaring Studio was so informative of all the benefits to sugaring. Here’s some of the information they gave me.

Sugaring VS. Waxing

All NATURAL IngredientsChemical ingredients, including resins and preservatives
Heated to a luke warm temperatureHeated to high temperatures that can result in burns
Removes hair in the natural direction of growth, reducing ingrowns and breakageRemoves hair against the growth, which distorts the follicle, resulting to ingrown hairs
Does not adhere to live skin cellsCan lift skin, damages fine tissue cells
Safe for sensitive skin conditionsNot 100% safe for all skin types
Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and comfortableSkin is left feeling raw and irritated
Washes off with water, leaves no residue behindDifficult to clean up requiring solvents
Bacteria cannot survive in sugar pasteWax warmers and pots provide a breeding ground for bacteria
Minimal DiscomfortPainful and traumatic to the skin

While I was there, the lady pointed out I had a scars from the pass waxing jobs (that I did myself at home) due to the wax being too hot. I was a bit disappointed that I never noticed it. I am confident that I will be switching over to sugaring due to that reason and all the benefits that comes with it.

Thank you Mirage Sugaring Studio for educating me. I had a great experience!

At Mirage Sugaring Studio, they are passionate about clean beauty. They Use natural Canadian products, and strive to provide professional, high quality services that are more gentle on the skin compared to other hair removal and tanning methods. They aim to make each appointment comfortable with their welcoming atmosphere, ensuring clients leave feeling beautiful inside and out.

If you would like to try sugaring and you are in the KW area use my personal discount code ‘MAIT20’ to get 20% off.

Check them out:

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